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03-05-2010, 10:59 AM
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The problem isn't his age. The problem is, he is not as good as the other players, plus he has an attitude problem.

He is fine to mesh in at an elite team this season as the Danish league is quite awful this season, but he is not mature enough to beat out the likes you mentioned.

Nordentoft, Christiansen, Pedersen and Malle are all better players at the international junior level as of now. Probably won't stay better but for now they are.

It's a common flaw that people assume the best players are playing in the best leagues (Malle and Nordentoft ain't seeing much action at the elite level).

Sass is no where near as mature as these players. He could only fill in an offensive role and that is not enough at J20 Worlds unless you are more or less tearing up the other teams defenses. And he is not. He good for his age, but not good on a J20 national squad.

He has probably overheard somebody talking about contributing defensively, but he is absolutely not showing on the ice that he has any idea how it works. Maybe it will come... and then he can go on the national teams.

The national team coach is not wondering about the age. He is figuring out how to put together a team that can take Denmark to the A group. He will be looking for different skill sets. He needs some players that can playmake, some that can finish it off, some with a lot of muscle, some with strong defensive capabilities.

Sass was beaten by others in every single category and wasn't even going to fit in if 5-6 injuries to forwards came about.

Just telling it like it is...

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