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03-05-2010, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Blades of Glory View Post
I have a question. How many of you Canadians were actually alive to witness the last time Canada played the "Russians" in a game that actually was relevant to international hockey before 2010(i.e. not the World Championships)?

Really, I want to know. Canada-Russia is no rivalry. If you consider meaningless World Championship meetings some great "rivalry", good for you. Canada-USSR was the rivalry of rivalries. That rivalry is long dead. The truth is that there have been 7 best-on-best tournaments since the fall of the Soviet Union. 3 World/Canada Cups and 4 Olympic Games. Canada-USA has been the match-up in 2 out of the 3 Canada/World Cup Finals and 2 out of the 4 Olympic Gold Medal games. Maybe it is time for certain people to stop kidding themselves about a Canada-Russia rivalry that has been dormant since the fall of the Soviet Union.
the flaw in your logic is that it's not only the best on best that matters here. Everything (other than the women) matters when you're talking about a rivalry between hockey nations. Hell Canada and Russia have played each other in the last 2 olympics, they eliminated the Canadians in 2006 if i remember right, canada eliminated them this year... how is that not fueling a rivalry? And yes the world championships do matter, russians won gold on the first ever worlds held in Canada you think that doesn't add fuel to the fire? I remember more big moments from canada/russia in the juniors than canada/us.

maybe it's time for certain people to realize that no matter how self important they think they are the US is nothing to canada when it comes to hockey. If not for a common border the states would be no different than finland to us.

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