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03-05-2010, 11:35 AM
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Got mine in the mail last night. It was my first 2 piece stick and I assembled it "upside down" in my haste to get it together so that all the words are upside down when held in my hands. It looks like it says molleu with the L's backwards (see Hockeyfan's picture above) I'll probably get around to flipping it back around tonight.

Went with the box shaft with my big ol paws, and started to worry because people were complaining about how big it was, but I actually found it comparable to the TPS OPS I had been playing with, so I had no issues there.

Not sure if I'm going to cut any off. I'm 6'4 and it's just a half inch above my nose barefoot. A lot better than most of the OPS' that come up to my chin.

Heard the same cracking on my first few flexes, but nothing since.

The only comment on the graphics I have is that on the black stick they wrote the words Grip Shift with the G and S in dark blue and the rest of the letters in white. Looks like it's a "rip hift" stick.

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