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03-05-2010, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by SLake View Post
Gretzky actually started this trend in the early 80's carrying around Semenko and McSorely as his wingers to open up space and send a perfectly clear message that if you bumped TGO you were gonna get KO'd.

It's admittedly gone to extremes in recent years though like last season when Belak caught Perron with his head down and went way out of his way to twist and contort himself to hit Perron shoulder to shoulder then immediately have to fight Janssen.

Hockey is a full contact game, but there are limits and players largely police themselves. While it admittedly lead to a 4 on 4 situation, then a 4 on 3 goal...Tootoo perceived an issue with the way Wilson was hit and stuck up for him. I guarantee Wilson learned his lesson from that and thanked Tootoo for sticking up for him. It's good for a rookie to know his teammates accept him and have his back...
Wilson's three fights as an Admiral demonstrate that he is capable of sticking up for himself if the thinks it was a borderline or dirty hit.

If this was a hit worthy of Tootoo jumping Greene, then why did it take around 15 seconds for Toots to address him? He was on that side of the ice the entire time. After replaying it, I'm thinking less and less that it was an overreaction to the hit and more of a decision by Toots to try to get a fight going using the hit as an excuse. He didn't rush over ... just looped around slowly, then took his time heading out to Greene at the point.

This wasn't a hit that required a confrontation afterwards. It was a clean hit just like the ones we love to see Weber deliver.

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