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03-05-2010, 04:49 PM
Yukon Cornelius
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Just some semblance of Playoff Hockey, thats all I want tonight. Tampa & Florida Games were not Flyers hockey, they looked like pre-season games. These last few seasons, We seem to play to our competition, so I'm glad to we're making the trip to Buffalo tonight and not somewhere like Atlanta. As long as this game doesn't somehow become a "Game 6", we'll be fine. The only way this team can possibly compete with the league's best is a return to team defence. Carter still has the makings of a Superstar in this league but his blind passes, weak clears and his inability to string 2 strong shifts together are completely unacceptable for a guy in his 5th year making 5 mil. per. What impressed me most about Claude Giroux in the Q was how he was such a complete player. Groulx would have him out there in any key defensive situation. I'm not sure if he's stunted playing with Wahoo McDaniel and JVR but playing on the 3rd line, he has all the pressure off him to find his game. He really needs to step up and help elevate vanRiemsdyk's play. Lets be honest, Carcillo, Carle, Coburn and Hartnell aren't exactly stalwarts of hockey sense, but these 4 especially have to renew their commitment to team defence. The cliche that fits for this team is that they're still not all on the same page. In any event, tangent over, looking forward to tonight.

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