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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I may be wrong, but I believe that the balance point is the halfway point of mass, and the closer that halfway point is to the blade, the more blade-heavy it is (heavier blade = more concentration of mass).

Most composites I've had balance about 3/4 or 2/3 the way down the shaft, so if yours balances halfway down, that supports the shaft-heavy theory of mine.

That's personal preference though...guys used to wood would be much more comfortable with a shaft-heavy stick than guys who have been using light composites.
Hmmm all of my sticks have always balanced this way.

Sticks (wood sticks mainly, some aluminums) have balanced like this for me since I have been doing this balance thing for 20 years or so I think for the most part.

In any case it certainly feels balanced when playing with it so assess that whatever way you wish to I guess. My finger coincidentally is about where my lower hand is to make a fulcrum point for most slapshots I take. it doesn't feel shaft heavy to me seriously.

Maybe because I have used wood and/or aluminums for about 35 years that this feels normal? I went into my attic and grabbed 2 Montreal sticks I still have as woodies and they balanced the same way as this Harrow.

You have me thinking now maybe these feel balanced to me because I used wood for so many years.

Who knows .... I don't.

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