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03-05-2010, 09:06 PM
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I started at 20 so was in a similar boat not too long ago...can prob use search to find similar threads but Ill give a lil basic response.

For gear, yes, try stuff on before purchasing if you can it is a great benefit and at your height dont even consider anything but senior.

As for starting out and learning, I spent alot of time at Stick n Pucks because atleast at my rink its a great time to just work on whatever you need to, but Ive heard some busier rinks end up in just scrimmages so youll have to see whats up in your area. Take classes if you can for adult beginners or whatever is offered if anything. Private lessons can be a bit pricey so hopefully there is just drop in classes which is much more affordable although might not be all that cheap, but its great to work on drills which force you to learn simple and more complex mechanics of hockey.

Stick n Pucks though is really where I learned to grasp all the basics of hockey like stopping, quick turns, shooting...etc etc and if you have a question Im sure there might be someone more than willing to give you a little advice.

Once you feel comfortable on your skates(which is the biggest part of hockey obviously) then you should try and go to open hockeys, if you are lucky there might be lower level opens. Once you feel you got all the basics down and know for the most part what you are doing try and join up in a beginner league and then as you progress just move up the ranks.

Thats pretty much how I went about it and all of that has helped me greatly. The big thing is obviously just getting ice time and experience. Do not get frustrated, everyone has to start at some point and if you work hard at it in no time you should have everything down to the point where you will feel comfortable playing in a league.

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