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03-05-2010, 11:08 PM
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I believe SpringfieldSkins was referring to me in his post - I'm pretty much in the same boat as you are. (Sadly I'm about 3 years older than you)

I've been doing a ton of skating lately but I feel like I've hit a wall where I'm not improving as much as I was a week or so ago. I start skating classes in about two weeks so I'm hoping that will help me learn some new skills and refine the few skills I already do possess. Stopping has been my biggest hurdle. (SS I managed to have a rink to myself for about an hour and a half today and proceeded to fall on my back elbow again - I'm determined to break my arm I guess LOL)

I'm planning on picking up some gear in the next month or so and start hitting the SNP's or whatever. My hope is to take as many skating/hockey classes as I can afford before the fall rolls around and then hopefully I feel comfortable enough to join a beginner's league.

Also, to the guy - I was checking out your videos a week or two ago and they helped a ton with stopping. I can't do a good hockey stop yet but the way your video broke it down at least helped me understand the basic concept and get it right at least a small percentage of the time - so thanks a lot.

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