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09-26-2003, 04:35 PM
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Sure, I wholly agree that Comrie took Lowe to the bank on his first contract.... But are we so very sure that Comrie wouldn't have gotten that or more signing as an UFA for another team? I don't think we'll ever know.

That bonus structure was indeed high but Comrie did earn it by the letter of his contract.

I'm not particularly enamored with Comrie's holding out considering the comparables that have signed recently or in the past... So I can only think of a few possible reasons to why?

1) Comrie and Rich Winter themselves believe they are worth 2 million or more in base salary next season. (which I find a little more than ludicrous)

2) Lowe is playing hardball... and wants a multi-year contract extending past Comrie's arbitration date... for less than market value.

3) Comrie does not want to play here in Edmonton whether due to hometown pressure, or differences in opinion with management.

Who knows which it is? Perhaps a combination of a few of them? Boy, I really do wish this was over already. I can only see so many Comrie proposals a day. A guy has his limits, you know?

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