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Originally Posted by cagney View Post
Comparing them by development year rather than seasons to draft...

Panik 1.59 ppg in 39 games, 35 goals (Played 6 Extraliga games) 8 months older
Frolik 1.33 ppg in 15 games, 9 goals (Played 27 Extraliga games, 3 goals and 1 assist) 8 months older
Voracek 1.28 ppg in 46 games, 21 goals (Played 1 Extraliga games) 2 months older
Oh come on, Frk is in the same development year, just like the draft year, the hockey season for kids has a cut off line. Frk is going to have EXACTLY the same number of development years as all the other players. Your comparison is totally flawed, I might be hyping him, but your point right no simply doesnt make sense. In your comparison all the players have 1 extra year of development AND are mostly 8 months older. In my comparison they have the same number of years of development and Frk is 4 months older.

Im born in early January, do you think that my whole educational life it was unfair to compare me to kids who were born in late december of the same year, these kids would have been nearly a year younger yet have the same number of educational years. Same goes for graduation, do universities look at kids who are younger then their peers more favorably. Or how bout when I started playing hockey, I couldent start until a arbitrarly chosen season start date, my age played no part as it placed me in a age group that had a also arbitrarily chosen cut off date.

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