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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
Your motor skills are trained subconsciencely for roller. I tried roller and almost killed myself after being on ice for years. I kept stopping like I would with ice skates when trying to score or whatever.

It was brutal .... I quit it soon after about a dozen attempts to accept it.

You can do more and faster on ice and to me it felt like a roller player would switching to floor hockey in sneakers or something. Just a guess on that.

I figured that roller skates would be good for shooting practice or conditioning on a running track. It wasn;t for me.

I can say that you will be able to do more on ice skates than in roller.
This, for sure.

Same experience for me. Quit after two periods where I broke five out of eight wheels by leaning too much on an edge like I would on ice.

The main difference is the toe kick. Inline skates can't mimick the toe kick for stride power that ice skates do. There is a chassis called newron that are supposed to be set up to mirror the kick but Ive never tried them to know.

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