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02-01-2005, 03:47 AM
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Originally Posted by mbam99
The point being made here is not the actual numbers. 9,080 people they are averaging out of a city of "Statistical Information about Calgary
Population: 922,315 (2003 Civic Census)" is 0.98447/100 people attending the Hitmen games.

London Ontario's population "336,540" and thier average attendance is 9,025 whic would translate into 2.6817/100 people.

Red Deers capacity for the Centrium is 5735. We have played 25 games at home this year. I know we have sold out most of the games. So lets say average around 5600 people per game. Red Deer's latest population is about 75,923...that works out to 7.37589/100 people going to the Rebels games.
Like go_leafs_go02 said, the Rebels would defintely have a higher attendance if the arena was bigger.

I guess the point of this quote is that even though Calgary has the highest average attendance, it doesn't say much when less that 1% of a city's population attends the games. Where as in London, just over 2-1/2% attend the games and in Red Deer over 7% attend the games

So, say, Minnesota selling out a game is less impressive than Detroit selling out a game because Detroit has a higher population?

And how do you know that more people would show up to a Rebs game if the arena was bigger? Are there long lines at the door of people getting turned away cause there are no more tickets? Is there a movement to expand because so many people are disappointed that they can't get in?

Sold out crowd in current arena != more attendance if you increase the arena size.

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