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03-06-2010, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by VickiUKHockeyFan View Post
I tried a helmet with a cage, which was OK, but I think I'm gonna go with the half cage/half visor. I might look stupid, but I think having my face protected but my vision unobscured with help me.
I wouldn't do that! You played hockey for the first time, didn't you? You get used to the cage... When you're playing without a cage you risk that a ball (puck) or a stick hits your face...

Originally Posted by VickiUKHockeyFan View Post
Also, I've been advised, I can get some very basic skates to start with. Can anyone recommend me some? I'm looking to spend maybe 30 or so (I've been told this is possible).
Well that depends on how often you play. If you play frequently I recommend you more expensive skates (around 100 - don't know how expensive hockey gear in Britain is, though) because it's hard to skate in cheap skates, especially when they're flexible at the ankels. I've never seen skates around 30, but here in Germany skates start from 50. (I converted in €)

Originally Posted by VickiUKHockeyFan View Post
What is the comprehensive list of stuff I'll need. The team is really cool and said I can buy bits at a time and borrow from them, so will be doing it in small purchases.
Well I've read that Canadian/US roller hockey teams needed less gear than teams in Germany do.

That's what we need in Germany:

- skates
- helmet
- shinpads
- shoulder pad
- girdle
- inline hockey pant
- gloves
- cup
- elbow pads
- neck protector (under 18 only)
- sticks

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