Thread: GDT: 3-05-10: Preds @ Wings
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03-06-2010, 02:20 PM
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I think something that gets lost in our PP, regardless of conversion percentage, is how much time we control the puck in the offensive zone. The other night, when Arnott scored, we held the puck in the zone for most of that PP, tiring the Kings out and resulting in breakdowns by them resulting in a goal for us. That's all fine and good that one PP did that. The problem that I have is that we don't tire the other team out on previous or subsequent PP's. If we can keep their guys on the ice longer than they want and tire them out, it pays not only in PP goals but also later in games as those guys may not have their legs. I would almost rather trade a goal here or there to have more control in the offensive zone and tire teams out.

We can't seem to get the puck into the zone and when we do, it's often cleared before we are able to get to it. We dump the puck but have no speed going into the zone because more often than not, we have 4 guys standing between the center red line and the blue line with no speed. Kind of hard to dump and chase with no speed. It's also hard to carry the puck into the offensive zone with no speed coming thru the neutral zone as well. Why not have Weber or Suter shoot the puck from center ice but have guys skating hard thru the neutral zone and then go fight for the puck? When teams stand us up continually, you have to change your strategy. I see other teams able to adjust and hold onto the puck for long stretches of PP time, why can't we?

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