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03-06-2010, 04:01 PM
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Originally Posted by threeVo View Post
My personal list:

Shoulder Pads in non contact mens league. We all played D1 or close, we dont need shoulder pads on robocop.
Full Outfit matching with Eagle gloves. Any gloves other than Eagle and you are safe.
Combo Face masks or Full Shields.
Tinted Visors...
Butt end tape that comes half way down the shaft. This isnt Field Hockey Clown Shoe
Skate Tongues hanging out. Easy out there Alexei Zhitnik
Jersey sleeves folded up over the elbows. Chris Drury is good, You are not.
If you chirped me for wearing shoulder pads, i'd find it pretty pathetic. Honestly. Shoulder pads? Usually in no contact leagues, you have morons who think they can pick the top corner everytime.

I'll wear all my equipment so the moron doesn't put a shot into my open chest.

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