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03-06-2010, 05:07 PM
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So people know, I wasn't bagging on anyone with my previous comments, I just think it's funny people claim the sky is falling after T.M. switches up the lines, especially when you look at the teams record. And I like to play the line-up game myself, though I'm not the coach I'll put it out there, my NHL'10 lines {until Williams is ready} would be ...

Smyth-Kopitar-Simmonds (worked before)
Frolov-Handzus-Parse (keep Fro & Zus together)
Richardson-Stoll-Brown (Stoll & Brown kinda were OK before)
Modin-Halpern-Clune/Williams{Reconditioning} (better 4th line than we've had in past)

Doughty-Scuderi (as good as DD & JJ are together, we need 3 balanced D lines, split them up)
O'Donnell/Jones-Drewiske/Harrold (Mix & match ALL 4, Reduced Ice time, get O'D some rest for Playoffs & PK roll)

QUICK-Ersberg (get Iceberg at least a game or two, on the Back-to-backs maybe?)

Then {come playoff Hockey time} ...

Smyth-Kopitar-Williams (can they regain the Magic?)
Frolov-Handzus-Simmonds (can they regain the Magic Pt.2?)
Modin-Stoll-Brown (move Modin up to roll 3 solid Offensive lines)
Richardson-Halpern-Parse/Clune (smaller, but still better 4th line than we've had in past)

O'Donnell-Jones/Drewiske/Harrold (O'D plays all Playoff games, other 3 rotate if needed)

QUICK (Ersberg keeps the pine warm)

Despite JohnnyU claiming the 4th line being too soft, I thinks it's the best use of the teams talents, and the 4th line will mostly be an energy/cycle line come Playoffs anyways.

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