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03-06-2010, 06:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Superstar Treatment View Post
Used mine last night. Good feel on shots. Blade felt a little ceramic at first but that's probably just 'cause it's something different. Shots were very nice though, better than any two piece I have other than the one95 tapered. Killed my 8k and R8.
I am trying to picture what a ceramic feeling to a blade would be like. Do you mean the blade felt hard? I like it when they have feel and are hard blades, I think some people call them lively blades but it does not really feel like that as it has good puck feel and controls it easily. it doesn;t spring off the blade when getting a hard pass and is easy to cradle a pass.

I have an RBK Prostock blade and it feels like that one to me which is also hard. One the other hand I have a Bauer One90 blade and that has a softer feel to it and is kind of springy.
The Bauer blade is a good shooter but it sucks taking passes with it.

The worst feeling blades I have are 3 Montreal graphite blades with a wood hosel. They weigh a ton and I never use them. You can't feel the puck on them.

I'm very happy with the Harrow feel and it will take something special for me to change that.

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