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Originally Posted by Webernaut View Post
Height: 6'3
Weight: 240 LBS
Shoe Size: 11.0 D (US)
Position: LW/C
Frequency of Play: 4-6 days a week (8 to 10 hours on the ice)

I currently play in a pair of CCM Pro Tacks. I wouldn't go so far to say that I love these skates. I broke the boot on my older Bauers so a friend of mine hooked it up with a slightly used pair to "get me by". A year later I am still in them so it's time for a change. I wear dress socks and recently tried barefoot though I am going back to dress socks most likely, if that changes anything. Obviously I'm a pretty good sized guy which translates to me shredding boots to pieces. I am considering going pro stock if I can find a pair. Open to pretty much all brands. I have look at the CCM U+ Pros but have heard mixed reviews. At first glance, I like the Supreme One skate from Bauer but the price tag is a bit disgusting (though I may go for it). Anyway, any advice would be nice.
Hmmm big fella like me (6ft 4in 245lbs here). I can honestly say you will lose all skate battles simply because of the physics involved.

Every pair of skates I have had to replace all did the same thing ... the heel seperated from the boot on one side from the stresses of turning tightly while playing.

3 pair of CCM tacks (80s and 90s era) 2 pair of Bauer Supreme 3000s one of which after being hit in the blade holder with a very hard pass the fabric of the skate actually popped out almost a quarter length of the boot from the glued on soul.

I have been using the 2003 Bauer Vapors which I bought in 2004 and bought another pair just like them as a closeout sale last year.

I have not used any NEW fully composite skates as I fear them honestly in the durability department. I know someone on here will dispute that but most will be honest and state that you need new ones about every 4 years or so because they do deteriorate.

Now ... a guy I played with last summer on our men's league team wore an RBK 5 skate that had heel seperation issues because he was 6ft 8in and about 285lbs.

I was told by my friend who owns a hockey shop here that because of my size and weight to make sure I put in the extra $100 to get the better end skate when shopping for a composite skate. he explained that many mid model skates have more fiberglas than carbon composite and do not last as long because of it if you are big.

Most people are smaller than us so it isn't an issue and their mid model skates have done them well.

We big guys do not get that luxury and skates are an issue so good luck to you sir.

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