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03-06-2010, 08:52 PM
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Originally Posted by VickiUKHockeyFan View Post
Thanks guys, the worry about what people think is probably from reading too many threads on here about getting ribbed for the whole visor thing. a few points I forgot though:

When I was messing around with a stick, my left hand was at the top. What's my stick handedness? It was a eighty stick and felt fine to me.

We were the only two girls! Can't say I mind, I'm just happy to have found a team so close to home. A lot of the parents were saying an awful lot about all female leagues though so they're obviously not used to tomboyish girls haha.

I'm not sure at this stage what I need to wear. Sweats? Shorts? I'm guessing something thin enough to get more gear over?

I'm sure I'll think of more questions so will post again if I need to.
I know it's been quite the hot topic lately, but don't worry about getting ribbed. Right now worry about protecting yourself.

Left hand up top means you shoot righty.

I'd say shorts, but whatever you're comfortable in works. Sweats might be hot and bulky.

Have fun, and welcome to the greatest game on earth.

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