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Originally Posted by CanadaBacon View Post
Sucks about your buddy, hope his eye is good and all.

How come guys in cages or visors get hit in the face so much? Not talking about your buddy here just in general. Everybody who points out it is dumb to not have face protection always has storied about being hit in the face a lot. I havnt worn face protection since leaving Juniors like 7-8 years ago and have been hit like twice maybe three times. Out of those three times i did have to get stitched once on my brow though. I just dont see any 'bad' injuries to the guys that dont wear face protection. I have seen broken arms, broken legs, ankles, collar bones, broken ribs, dislocated shoulders, blown knees and i have seen one guy break his neck at shinny. (he is fine now and plays).

Besides a cut or two i have not seen these facial injuries that all. Im not saying everyone should take their facial protection off. whatever you feel comfortable wearing is what you should wear. It just seems that it gets made out that if you dont you will lose an eye, lose some teeth etc etc. Sure there is a chance it will happen as there is a chance you will break something or have your throat cut. I still dont see too many people wearing neck guards. Its hockey, its a dangerous sport. Whether you get high sticked or break a limb or get cut by skate is all the same in the end. You are hurt. Saying someone is dumb for not wearing facial protection is just as ignorant as saying someone is a kitten for wearing facial protection.

Maybe if i played a lower level i would wear facial protection, it seems everyone is getting their cages/visors rattled all the time at the lower levels.

PS This "i dont get payed to play" statement is kinda dumb. The majority of adults here probably make more then minor pro guys and if you get hurt it doesnt matter if you work in an office or play hockey, you still cant work and do your job.
Can't believe I missed this post.

Awesome point. I've gone face first into the dasher, relocating my nose and requiring surgery, but what cares me even more than that, is a skate to the neck. Do I wear a neck guard...nope and never once thought about it. Out of all people I play with I can only think of one guy who wears one. Yet most everyone is wearing something on their face whether it by a half shield or cage.

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