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03-07-2010, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Quoted for hilarity. And the Halak camp gets ridiculed for inappropriately blaming goalies in losses... That November game was a 1-0 loss where Halak stopped 30 of 31. Price's first game of November? 5 goals on 30 shots in a 5-4 loss to Atlanta.

Halak splits
Price splits

Even funnier that even the overboard Price camp will admit that Halak outplayed Price in December (I usually see it posted as "since December", for what that's worth), and that's Price's best month statistically.

edit, in any event, the pattern is obviously as I described it earlier, and not what you claim, and is evidenced by the pattern in number of starts per month as the season has progressed:

October (the "We want Price to be number one, but Halak needs work too" month)
Price 8, Halak 8

November (the "They're playing about the same, so let's ride Price as planned, and hope it all works out" month)
Price 11, Halak 1

December (the "Will you check out this Halak guy?!" month)
Price 8, Halak 9

January (the "Why weren't we riding this guy from the start?" month)
Price 6, Halak 7

February (the Olympic and trade deadline buildup month)
Price 3, Halak 5

March doesn't really count at this point, but we'll see how the trend shakes out. It's to Carey's credit that his level of play has earned him almost as many starts over December, January, and February as a goalie playing as well as Halak. If it wasn't for his draft position and pressure to push him to the top of the goaltending depth chart, I think just about any other bubble playoff team would have ridden Halak much more. If the Habs were cruising at the top of the division, then I would expect Price to play almost every day, despite what the statistics suggest would be "wisest".

If there's anything else, I suggest we bump the H vs P thread and take it there.
If price let in that second goal tonight you and earl would have held your heads high and you would have went on about how you use to be a goalie and price should have had his pad and stick down, people blamed price for deflections off his own dmen and once they started happening to halak a deflection is now an acceptable goal. Hypocrisy is a beautiful thing.

You use to be an reasonable person now you are the scottyg of the halak side and earl is KR, well maybe that Viau guy and earl can fight for it.

Also in your october games that would be when the most goals were off the d man and in. I thin kthere was a stretch of 5 of prices games he had one go in off a dman well atleast 1. He got hung out to dry in the Vancouver game, kinda like that game halak gave up 6 to the rangers. In november he was standing on his head until that NJ game they lost 2-1 to say other wise would be like ignoring january for halak.

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