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03-07-2010, 10:47 AM
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Knee "popped"

First off, I made a docs appointment, and will be getting it check out.

During a game, I hit the guy with the puck, and got tangled with another coming the opposite way. one leg went one way, the other a different, almost like doing a split. My right knee gave and I hear a pop (sort of like when you crack you knuckle, knee, elbow whatever) and I went to the ground. I couldnt get up, and had to get the ref to help me up. Couldnt put weight on it for about 10 mins. After the game, the knee itself felt fine, but when I would "lock" my knee (like you would when standing) it definitely did not feel 100% right, but there was no swelling. I iced it all night regardless, and wore one of those ACE knee bandages/braces things at the same time (mostly to keep the ice in place). Slept with the kneebrace, and this morning it feels just like last night. fine when its bent, sore when locked, sometimes a pain. I can bend it all the way and can walk on it without too much trouble.

My friend tore his ACL a while back and I called him to tell him about this, and he says the popping is what happened to him, but it was extremely painful and he couldnt move the leg at all. I dont think I tore my ACL based on the pain, but the pop has me concerned. Has anyone experienced this before? I have a practice today, but Ill only be spectating/picture taking. What does everyone think about the pop? Could it just have been like a cracked knuckle, or something horribly worse?

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