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03-07-2010, 04:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Brodie View Post
That line of reasoning, while sound, assumes the NHL would just keep funding the team until someone who could close the deal came along. If IEH doesn't close and they truly are, as it appears, the only interested party... what can the NHL do but move or fold?
This team will neither fold nor be moved.
The NHL is commited to make things happen in their southern markets.
20mln $ losses(figure is from the Moyes sued article) on an all time lowest attendance during the biggest recession since the 30s of the last century are a low price as compared to a negative PR when this would becom a total desaster as the team moves to Canada for example.
For now its a subvention in the future potential of this sports market.
And we all know that the hockey market in this area has more growth potential than any other market in the US or Canada because of the demographical change Arizona will see in the coming decades. Yes itīs about potential.
The NHL is not a group of hobby economists who are comparing attendance numbers like the clowns on the main boards, and decide whether a market deserves a team or does not.
By moving the team now their investment for the last 15 years in this region would go nuts. And by only losing 20 mln $ per year itīs some sort of peanuts that the NHL is pumping into this team. The team will stay.
As I said once before I donīt expect IEH to take over the Yotes before the start of the playoffs. They would have to do salary payments at the end of the year with the Yotes most time on the road and generating almost zero attendance money. So itīs a smart business decision by IEH to wait and gamble on an agreement with the COG and the NHL.

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