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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
If that's the case, he can always be sent down to the AHL. I know we'd still be paying him, but it wouldn't hurt the cap. And by the time he is 40 if he is needed to be sent down, though his cap hit will be $5 mil, his salary will only be $525k, if my understanding of his contract/the salary cap is correct. I may be wrong about that, but his salary now I think is a little over $7 mil but his cap hit is like $6 mil or something? If I am wrong can someone please explain this to me? I am getting my info from an old ESPN article:

If that's the case sending him to the minors in the last few years wouldn't be a big deal. Again I'm not entirely sure of how the cap works so that may be wrong, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. Plus Pronger seems like the type of player who will play forever and at a fairly high level. He may not be a top flight guy a few years from now, but I can't ever see him turning into a liability.
we keep the cap hit even if he is in the AHL. Only way that helps us is if he refuses to report and we can suspend him.

Pronger said he wants to play out all 7 years of the deal, and the only way he won't is if he is hurt or has lingering injury like Rathje and Hatcher. Then we can LTIR him.

The dude is on pace for 58 freaking points, and is a top 5 candidate for the Norris. He is very durable aswell, and will be making less money than:


In the same money area as Komisarek, Hainsy, Hannan, Brewer.

I would take a 40 year old Pronger over most of those people, and he will be cheaper

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