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03-07-2010, 05:32 PM
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Something else occurred to me--MTS Centre is too small to be an NHL arena without some major renovations, which means the total cost of relocation would increase by, I would guess, several millions of dollars. We don't know for sure exactly what the City of Glendale would want either, but they will not be content to be left with expensive, empty arena. The costs of moving the team are already likely to be high, and moving it to Winnipeg would only make the whole enterprise more expensive. Finally, I don't doubt that ticket sales would be brisk, but there's more to running a franchise than gate revenues. As I recall, corporate support has long been a question whenever Winnipeg (or central Canada) has been brought up as a possible relocation/expansion candidate, and unless something's changed in that respect, I would think it will take longer than it otherwise would to recoup all the costs incurred during the move.

TL;DR version: This Tessier person is a twit. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if the reason that neither IEH nor the NHL have responded to this rumor is that they don't know it exists because--and this may be difficult to believe, I admit--they don't know or care about what some twit posted on HockeyBuzz.

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