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03-07-2010, 08:37 PM
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Originally Posted by barrytrotzsneck View Post
With that attitude, it's never going to be the goaltender's fault. I don't care if Pekka makes 30 brilliant saves...if he gives up a backbreaking goal like the Samuelsson goal, then it's all for nothing, and it falls on him. We played well enough to win today, but didn't. You have to point somewhere. The REAL cause for concern is that it's getting to be something you least one of those goals a game. And worst of all, we're seeing him get beat by the same sort of shot from the same place, over and over.

The breakaway goal...great initial save, but he's got to have some sort of recovery. I have to wonder if he's still not used to these no-longer-new pads, because you're seeing quite a bit of that from him...where he "loses" the puck in his pads. He had absolutely no idea where the puck was on that play, and possibly even thought he had it covered.

On a positive(?) note, the defense actually looked decent, even without Weber, and for the most part the fourth line actually made a difference when on the ice. I'm sorry to say for Cal, but Boyd just looks more natural and comfortable out there, and he also did pretty well in the circle...something that Cal has trouble with.

I really have to wonder if the team\coaching staff is as nervous as I am about even making the playoffs. We can't afford a March meltdown this year, not when teams like the Red Wings are peaking.
Well, Pekka definitely deserves some of the blame on those last two goals. There I was so excited that his stats were going to improve with one goal against and something like 23 shots on net at that point, when he let that goal in. You're right, he should have been able to stop it, but as glenngineer pointed out, it was a team effort and we lost as a team. I have a hard time placing full blame on one player. Perhaps the goal(s) were his fault, but not the entire loss...

On the note of his pads, why did he get new ones in the first place? Maybe something was wrong with the old ones that I'm unaware of, but I'd say keep pads that are broken in and you're used to.

And lastly, I am very worried about the playoffs... we're falling lower and lower and I'm really surprised we're still clinging to 7th place. That won't last long playing like this. We still have a chance as there are a number of games left, but that chance is here now and the Preds need to step it up and play like they seriously want to make it past the first round, or even into the playoffs for that matter.

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