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Originally Posted by cmdrdredd View Post
I felt that CCM skates were wider by default than the Easton S17 I tried on. However, the FIT system will compress the boot with airbags and will make it tighter to your foot. That will make it narrower. However, the CCM U+ boot is very moldable so you can have it done in the FIT system, skate a session and have it baked again after it dries out and just lace them up without using the FIT system. I used the FIT system on my 2nd bake. It compressed the boot more, but gave a better fit for my foot. Before that I just laced them tight and pushed around the areas that had pressure. You could even have them punched a bit if they need to be wider.

Just remember, the FIT system compresses the boot around your foot pretty tightly. If you are using the FIT system how come you cannot be fitted at the store?

Note: When you go up in length you also gain a bit of room for your foot. If your foot takes up more volume than is available in an 8.5D then a 9D might be alright. Hard to say without trying it, everyone is different.
Well I'm not really scared length-wise, as I've read everything there is and tried on pairs of lower end skates that are actually available in stores around me, and I should be ok with the length of a size 9 skate (Toes are supposed to be 'feathering' the skate right? Plus I might still grow a little, I'm almost 16 atm) Only thing I'm not sure about is the width.

I know you've told me that you feel Eastons are narrower, but I've read somewhere that the U+ line is actually supposed to be more narrow than Easton skates in general. Plus I'm thinking that if I mold them and perhaps push the skates where they don't quite fit (if it's necessary). Then they should be alright.

I don't actually have a F.I.T system around me, but it was just theoretical to find out if applying pressure on the skates would work.

Anyways in my Easton SE6 8.5D skates I feel like I could use a slightly wider boot, it's not like the "E" width can be extremely wide or anything, a lot of humans use it .

Especially with the U-Foam's reputation, seems like it can almost mold to anything you want from all the good feedback that I hear about it...

So I was mostly interested in hearing about the widths of the skates, Eastons "D" (SE Line) vs CCM's "E" (U+) width, and how large of a difference it is.

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