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Originally Posted by Heat McManus View Post
Bauer has the largest market share and is the most popular....which to some people mean they are the best.

Bauer is considered to make the best skates by many people in the industry. Reebok is by far the best protective. Easton the best performing sticks. Gloves, is a bit more open.

My opinion, the BEST is what FITS you THE BEST. If a Bauer skate does not hug your foot the way it should, then its not the best.
What makes you say that, out of curiosity. What does the reebok skates do or have that make them more protective? As for stick, well don't know how one is better performing than others. If I learned on a RBK stick I would probably have to re-learn the feel for a Bauer stick that has a slightly different curve.

Originally Posted by Hrad View Post
Ha yeah, they probably got it confused with a high-end skate.(No offense)

A friend of mine has low end CCM Vector skates that cost him around $100, he got a couple of compliments from people thinking they were from the U+ line, especially since all of CCM's skates look almost identical.

Anyways though, I prefer to not follow the crowd as much and stand out a bit. I use a CCM U+ CL stick, I'm probably the only one in my league to do so.
How do you like that stick? I've never handled one before because the local LHS never has stock on the CL.

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