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03-07-2010, 09:23 PM
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Originally Posted by cmdrdredd View Post
What makes you say that, out of curiosity. What does the reebok skates do or have that make them more protective? As for stick, well don't know how one is better performing than others. If I learned on a RBK stick I would probably have to re-learn the feel for a Bauer stick that has a slightly different curve.

How do you like that stick? I've never handled one before because the local LHS never has stock on the CL.
Correct me if Im wrong, but I took that to mean that Reebok has the best line of protective (elbows, shinnies, shouldies) gear, not that they are the most protective line of skates. And I would agree with that about Reebok since they use the Jofa JDP template for their gear.

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