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03-08-2010, 12:23 AM
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Didn't get a lot of shooting in tonight's game...forgot that we do a different drill for warmups with more passing. I took maybe four or five shots on my goalie, everything seemed like it had noticeably more velocity but accuracy was off. That's to be expected with a different curve I suppose (flatter mid-toe versus huge mid hook).

In the game, I didn't notice the weight at all. I play D so I do most of the passing, don't get too many hard passes my way, so that was hard to gauge. I did however knock two pucks down for breakways, one I got a very good shot off but goalie got a glove on it and nobody on my team was around to get the rebound, the other one I got hauled down and drew a penalty.

Shooting was pretty crappy though, I had maybe three good point shots and all of them went about 2-3 feet wide right. It's odd too because this is a flatter curve and I'm a lefty, so I should be shooting them to the left if anything. I think it might have to do with the longer stick though (an inch longer than normal) and possibly the lie as well.

Other than that, I played a pretty terrible game, probably more to do with my skates not being profiled at all and losing edges than anything. I did whiff a couple easy clearing passes, which ticked me off. I guess I need to adjust.

I ended up taking 1/2" off the stick and we'll see how it goes next weekend. So far I think it's great, I just need to adjust to the curve. If that doesn't work, maybe I'll order a #2 curve from them (the big mid hook).

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