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03-08-2010, 12:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
It can't possibly be more bothersome than Sather is to the fans of this club that are sick and tired of the stupid approach to team building that this team adheres to. And I'm putting that very nicely.

Even if Sather is simply following the orders of Dolan, even if Dolan demands playoff teams every year...well you know what, find someone who does a better job of that than Sather. 10 years, we haven't won a thing. 5 years since the lockout, our team may not even make the playoffs, and if it does, will be trounced quickly. We have a very, very poor hockey team, and we don't have the talent in our organization to become a great team.

That's because after so many games, even the simplest Ranger fans aren't fooled anymore. The team puts up great games (or games that appear to be great to certain viewers) somewhat regularly. Occasionally, they even put together little streaks.

But more often than not, these wins are meaningless, because they play horrible, horrible games where they do absolutely nothing on offense, like they did in this game. It's just like so many other Ranger games this season.

Tons of poor perimeter shots, hardly any cycling, hardly any play development.

Avery is just another victim. Just like Drury, just like Callahan, just like Dubinsky...the list goes on. The only one who isn't a victim on this team is Prospal, he gets to play with Gaborik. Everyone else is ****ed.

They're all victims of something they can't control. They're placed in the wrong roles. All of them, and that's one man's fault.
That's where we fundamentally disagree. And I feel like we've talked a bunch about this so I'm not going to repeat my reasons why again, unless you really want me to

The avery thing is new though and I think pretty interesting. I don't think I agree with you here because for the most part he's been a bottom six guy this year. So he's playing with similar talent you'd expect him to be playing with. Also I did already post this but in basically a seasons worth of games with us, the first seasons worth of games he was with us (86 games), he put up 20 (something) goals and 30 (something) assists for I believe 53 pts, definitely was over 50. So that's a far cry from what he's doing now.

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