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03-08-2010, 01:23 AM
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It's already been said countless times, but I'll say it again: what's best is what's best for you.

As a kid, I grew up wearing Bauer skates passed down from my older brother. The Bauer skates fit my brother like a second skin, but I had pains in the side of my feet. My dad generally ignored my complaints. When I finally bought my own skates, I found that Graf made a skate that fit me much better, and the pain went away.

I'm sure Bauer skates fit some people the best, and Graf or Easton or Reebok fit other people the best.

There are many nuances to skates besides sizing (which in itself has many aspects). Best thing is to do research online, then go into a well-reputed LHS with your knowledge and -- together with an employee -- find a skate that's best for you.

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