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03-08-2010, 01:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Trizent View Post
I live in Edmonton and have a condo in Phoenix. I so much prefer that Phoenix Coyotes stay in Phoenix, but in terms of money dumped into Phoenix for revenue sharing and the current mess, a comment saying Winnipeg will cost Canadian teams revenue ... umm Phoenix has taken a large sum of money every year in revenue from all teams including Canadians ones.

I am not a hater at all and love Phoenix and the amazing Glendale facility.
The team in Phoenix(assuming it loses money) comes out of the league's till.. The support for a 7th team comes at the direct expense of the other 6 teams.. You do not grow the game and you defiantly do not expand revenue, you only succeed in reorganizing the Canadian fan base.. The whole NHL business plan is to make billions in the U.S.A... I really would not look for these relentless business titans to change the plans of a 2.6 billion dollar organization because of 20 or even 40 million dollars..

The NHL burning Glendale would kill the chances of expanding into U.S. markets using public funds to build venues.. I am sure nothing would make some Canadian purists happier, but it is not going to happen.. The NHL will be willing to lose MILLIONS and MILLIONS if need be in Glendale but it will NEVER abandon a public funded facility..

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