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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Creepy is the perfect word for it.

I mean, I could understand people having troubling man-crushes on Ryan Callahan, Brandon Dubinsky, or even Sean Avery.

But Enver Lisin is such an inconsequential player. Hes nothing.
I remember going to the garden and getting a Valiquette jersey. Great guy, great work ethic, knew his role, etc. I got in because I liked the player, but I also got it in good jest, ya know? I mean, who ever gets the backup goaltender?

As much as I liked Vally, I admit he pooped the bed this year and that's that. How dumb would I sound and be like:

"Well, if Vally was in net, he would have saved that goal that Hank let in."

"Johnson is a better goalie than Lundqvist." (Disturbingly, I've seen a few Ranger fans talk about trading Hank due to Johnson)

See how idiotic that sounds? Yes, I know.

Now listen to this:

You take Lisin out of the lineup and we lose. You put Gaborik in, and we lose. We should play Enver Lisin and sit Marian Gaborik...

...we should play Enver Lisin and bench Marian Gaborik...

...Enver Lisin >> Marian Gaborik

...the guy who has played 54 games and notched 6 goals/8 assist (14 points) is going to play over the guy who has played a mere 6 games more -- 60 games and has notched 35 goals/34 assist (69 points).

Originally Posted by ChipAyten View Post
I think he was being smart, I mean nobody could honestly believe that right?
No, he has this obsession for Enver Lisin. I liked Freddy Shoe (who I think is a better player than Lisin). He played hard, was fast, awesome of the PK, but couldn't finish unless he was in a shootout. So while I liked the guy, there was no sulking when he left the team. Lisin is fast...he's very fast and....that's about it. When he has the puck, the puck magically turns into a football bouncing in every direction. You would think the puck is a live grenade.

To actually compare him to Gaborik is...disgusting.

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