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03-08-2010, 11:21 AM
metal man
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grinding wheel question for fbv

[QUOTE=coiner;19874864]That sounds like a Wissota, and they can custom make. I've heard good things about the Tri-Lie too.

If you want to do FBV, all you need are the spinners. I had someone make this for me, hopefully the pics come through. The spinner holder is clamped in the skate holder and has the same thickness as a skate blade. Can hold up to 7 spinners and the spinner centers are exactly (or within a couple thousandths) of the skate blade center, so all you have to do is touch the spinner to the wheel, remove, insert skate, and sharpen. Nice thing is it will work with any existing tabletop system, any height holder, maybe even a dupliskate. Has worked fine.


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