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03-08-2010, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by MJALLTHEWAY View Post
Isn't that the problem with every Russian player not named Datsyuk?

You're a funny dude.

Seeing as how the Canadians won the Olympic tournament with no high level talent outside of Crosby, and a team full of scrubs, I think we can now agree that Canada winning was a great upset? Especially beating all those skilled Russians 7-4, that was a huge HUGE upset as well?

Lastly, this is where you are completely wrong on your premise. You talk about skill and fundamentals as if skating, stickhandling and shooting are the only fundamental skills. Hitting/Getting hit, cycling and defensive positioning are all fundamentals as well.

The difference between Canadian skill in shooting/stickhandling and skating with the Russians is not that great. The difference between Canadian skill in hitting/cycling/defensive positioning with the Russians is far greater. That's why we won. Everything you've denounced as non-skill won vs. the Russians.

Also, I'll leave you with some quotes from Larionov about Canadian hockey.

Canada has 100 times more rinks and who knows how many more players than Russia and still it takes an absolute best as far as coaches, GM's and players in order to win. You win in your own home, on your own rink, with your own crowd (not to mention with your own referees) and all of a sudden what I wrote is wrong? Absolutely not.

Look, I gave Canada props for a fantastic effort and admitted Canada took it to another level when it all mattered but puhlease let's not go there again and rehash the flaws in Canadian hockey. The early hitting in the young age is a big minus for Canadian hockey, at least in my opinion.

But I must say that Canada also made some positive strides in one aspect, the young Canadians now skate much better than they used to. I believe Hockey Canada and the Canadian coaching actually made adjustments in their training process and do prepare better skaters, which makes the difference in the important games.

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