Thread: News Article: Jack Todd today about Gainey
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03-08-2010, 12:11 PM
Kriss E
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A highly placed expert in Europe??..

So, we don't scout Europe, or very little. (According to this ''guy''..)
We don't scout Quebec and Canada, or very little. (According to the bitter Quebecers)
We focus all of our attention on the States??..

Our drafting has been good in general. It's the development and handling of those players that's been bad.
We saw it with Ribeiro and seeing it again with Latendresse.
It seems we're wasting the talent of the Kost broz because we can't develop them properly.
Perez-Grabo are well skilled too, and even though they're not turning out to be superstars of any kind, they were still poorly managed.

I think our drafting has been good in general, I question a lot more the development.

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