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03-08-2010, 12:25 PM
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I checked TSN and the Globe and Mail this morning, expecting to find their columnists cheering the impending move. If some a-hole from HockeyBuzz knows about it, you'd think the Canadian press--the prophets of that religion known to us humble supplicants as the game of hockey--would be all over it. Many members of that esteemed fraternity have made no bones about their desire to see the Coyotes moved back to Canada, and if there was a kernel of truth to this over-excited--well, hate to repeat myself, but the man is a twit--this over-excited twit's frothy maundering, one would think the Damien Coxes (Coxen?) of the world would jump on it immediately.



(I do feel, to some extent, as though I'm guilty of indulging the delusions of the mentally deficient. It's just that sometimes, it's kind of fun.)

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