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03-08-2010, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Sometimes people should just concentrate on the message instead of the messenger. How can people defend the Euros draftings or signings from this organization? What do we have to show for? Nothing to this day with the possibility of seeing both Kostitsyns be important players for our team. But it's not determined yet. Leaves Naatinen and Endqvist to see what they'll do in the future.

But clearly Habs have had all the problems in the world with their Euros. But then, Jack Todd said it so, on the contrary, we must be so succesful....
I don't think that's it.
But when you do an analysis, I think it's important to factor in and mention everything.
The early round picks we've chosen were usually good. Sure, hits and misses happen, but in general it's been good.
The Euros we've chosen were in later rounds, but Todd doesn't mention that.

All he does basically in this article is start by saying how Gainey is respected, and then disses him pretty much calling him disloyal by turning his back on Koivu and firing his friends. Even though Todd was probably the first to criticize Carbo, right now he calls out Gainey for firing him.
When he showed loyalty by defending Brisebois, he calls Patrice an immature clown.

Todd has a clear agenda. It's too bad because had he solely focused his article on poor Euro drafting, it could have been a great one.

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