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03-08-2010, 01:45 PM
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It could be a partial ligament tear. I would advise you to be very careful with it, and under no circumstances should you miss that doctors appointment. Be sure to ask him to test your knee ligaments.

I partially tore my ACL when I was younger. There was a great deal of initial pain, but it faded after a while and I was able to play again. My knee felt strangely loose, however. Unfortunately, it was during tryout camps and I didn't have the good sense or, so I thought, the time to get it looked at. I was still able to play, it just hurt now and then. After playing with the partial tear for about a month, it finally broke for good. A partially torn ligament will heal over time, but a ligament that is fully torn will not heal. At that point your only option is surgery, and then a great deal of rehab.

If you're doing your own stretches and whatnot to test it out, for the love of God don't push things until you know for sure what's wrong, that's all I can suggest. You don't want to add any more to the damage that's already been done.

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