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03-08-2010, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by stick9 View Post
How about the guy who's gear smells soo bad people next to him get up and leave the room...
Nothing will really get me to chirp at someone, but this is an annoying thing in the Locker room and you will/should get reamed for it.

I can't fault people for not having Matching Equipment in Mens League. You get what you get, and you never know what color team you may be on.

One thing that really gets me though is those people with disgustingly dirty jersey's. We have a guy in our league thats jersey is an awful sweat stained color. I originally thought it was just an old jersey he hadnt washed, until he got picked up on another team and had a new jersey. The next time we played him, it was nasty again... He is now named Pig-Pen rightfully so. I just dont understand doesnt kill you to wash it maybe once a session does it?

I like the half Birdcage visors worn by the old-timers, and the old school half Cats-eye cages.

Also, the kids that wear the roller hockey pants on ice. Thats kinda annoying.

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