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Originally Posted by VickiUKHockeyFan View Post
Thanks everyone!

Yeah, skating definitely needs work. On Saturday I had the er, pleasure, of being outskated by a 10 year old!

Going forwards is no problem, once I got into it, but stopping, yeah, not so much. And I can't go backwards yet. But me and my friend have said we're going to go to roller discos etc so we can just *be* on skates as much as possible. I've also found some that look OK for a beginner, but I'm not sure about them yet. Will see how the next session or two goes.

One thing I'm now really confused about though, is what to wear on the bottom half. I saw guys in what looked like ice hockey shorts (and indeed, we tried to fit into some, unfortunately, again they were for 14 year olds so it didn't happen). What exactly do you wear on the bottom half? I saw guys in shorts, then very thin sweat pants underneath, and a few actually in PJ bottoms...

Good to know what handedness I am too, thanks. Finally something I'm NOT left handed at!
You should be looking for hockey pants, don't let the name deceive you, they are actually shorts, reinforced. Then you will also want shin pads, and a jill. Put the jill on, then the shin guards, then your hockey socks, then the pants, then skates. Your bottom half is dressed.

For stopping this video might help you

To get used to stopping you should hold the edge of the boards and just slide your foot out, so you get used to using your inside edge, then push off sideways with one foot, and stop yourself with the other. Then move on to what I show in the video.

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