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02-02-2005, 04:07 AM
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With regards right handers catching left handed I'd bet that is almost entirely the effect of baseball and gloves. Practice and repetition with gloves on the off hand would hone that hand. In catching sports without gloves the players tend to be better catchers with their natural hand (ie right handed is better with their right hand).

It wouldn't surprise me if the RH-LH combo in hockey was learned as much as natural. If you are a RHed 5 year old and show up for your first day of hockey you'd probably get handed a LH stick. One handed a stick in the dominant hand is easier. After that its training.

I'd love to conduct an experiment where they took 100 LH and 100 RH hockey sticks to a place that had never heard of hockey and got the 100 people to play with which ever side was more comfortable. I'd be inclined to think it might the RH-RH and LH-LH combos that win out (as they have with golf, baseball and cricket). Just a gut feeling.

Does anyone know the ratio of European RH-RH to RH-LH?

PS DynamoAO I'm RH-RH too. I started other sports before hockey and just felt way to uncoordinated and unnatural go RH-LH, just couldn't do it. RH-LH feels almost as bad as throwing lefthanded.

I'd bet its easier to go from RH-LH to RH-RH than the other way around. I think it'd make you more versatile, training the offhand side up.

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