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03-08-2010, 10:04 PM
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I'm assuming the guy giving you the hassle is the team rep. or something similar if he's deciding how to run the forward lines; if not, who would care what he thinks. What a convoluted overly complex way to organize a lower division men's over 40 group - rotating and sitting one player through different lines for different periods; you would think he'd just keep sets of wingers and have one extra or one less centreman, or one less or more on defense.

Anyway, if this guy is in charge of the team there's not a lot you can do other that put up with him or find another team; or if many players on your team have problems with him, start your own team next season taking most of the players on this team with you. If he isn't in charge, you should talk to whoever is in charge about getting equal ice time.

As far as his motivation for doing this it could be a number of things: he doesn't like woman playing "men's" hockey, he's on a power trip and has decided to pick on you, he doesn't like having a higher caliber player on his team and because of this picks on the spouse, or any a number of things. On any sports team you are going to have players that don't get along that well, and many times a real jerk or two.

I've been lucky on the men's NBC beer league teams I've played on. They have usually been a great group of guys, and the only time I've seen anyone not get equal ice time was the last couple minutes of a close playoff game, and a weaker line was asked if they minded sitting their last shift. No one on any team I was one has ever been told to sit shifts during the regular season (though some would volunteer themselves because they were getting over a cold/flu or just exhausted).

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