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Originally Posted by KaosOnIce View Post
So just a little background. I am a 28 year old female currently playing LW with a mens over 40 e division team. I previously played 8 years ago with a mens E team in Philly as a LW and with a womens team as a goalie. I am by no means the best stickhandler or skater, but I know my position well. I can be in the right spot, I am usually even or a plus on a team that has been outscored this season 18-52. We have won 1 out of 7 games.

My issue starts with a guy on the team. At first, I was referred to as girl, but that has died down. Now, if we are uneven in forwards, I am the one who rotates through lines. I have been with this particular team for 2 full seasons now. I don't mind rotating through, as long as we all get pretty equal playing time, but the last game I was told that I sit first, then would go through the second line during the 1st period, then the first line the 2nd. In the 3rd, I would sit the first shift with the 2nd line, play with them for the first 7.5 minutes out of 15, then go to the first line and sit the first shift.

I said something to the guy who told me this. I had an issue because I was playing well that game and already had 1 assist that night. We were down 3-2 at this time. This guy then told me that I was the weakest player out there and I should let the better players play. I told him that I might be the weakest shooter but I am the best positionally. I also said that I pay just like everyone else and have been with this team for 2 seasons while everyone else left or missed multiple games, including this guy. By the way, our one win was without this guy.

I also play with my husband, who is helping out our team because we are so weak. He plays with a c division team. He overheard all of this and said something to him about calling me the weakest one. This guy told me and my husband that if all i care about is me, i should play open hockey.

My question is how can i be out for me, when i have more assisted then goals this season? Anyone else have this issue? I like the rest of my team and the guys are happy with my play, but its fustrating to be told that you are the weakest.

Sorry for the rant, but it is definately bothering me, but no where near the point that I am going to let this guy win. I don't know if its an issue with me or an issue because I am a girl playing a "guys" sport. There is no womens team I can join that would work with my schedule.
LOL unless this is the playoffs in an elimination game no one should sit especially since everyone paid the same amount of money. Doesn't matter if they are good or bad. Last year a couple of the weaker players hogged alot of time, but i let them do that so when playoffs roll around they can't say anything when it really counts. It's crap if this is a regular season game especially since basically all teams make the playoffs.

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