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03-09-2010, 02:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Nick00 View Post
I now see no positive outcome to this season at all.

At least before when we were looking at 12-13th place I could feel hopeful about the upcoming draft.

But they're going to finish 9th or 10th and everyone knows it.
Knowing the Rangers, probably 9th, 1 point out of it.
No youth/picks gained at the deadline, no playoffs, and no shot at a top draft pick. They won't even pick in the top 10 this year.

Disgusting in every aspect.
Welcome to my personal Ranger Hell. 43 years, with a few exceptions, of mediocrity. Not good enough to win it all, not bad enough to get lucky. The bar is set at Mezzo. It's hard as hell to root for this (dis)organization some times. If I didn't have so many years of emotion invested in this team I would just root for another and be a happy hockey fan. Now, I'm just a disinterested bystander.

The short-sided (mis)management is enough to make you scream. And now we have The mercenary in line to take over as GM when the Bafoon from Banf-f-f is wheeled off, stage left, like Strom Thurmond to a life of peaceful scinility.

Nice post Nick00.

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