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09-26-2003, 06:52 PM
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Originally Posted by nuckfan in TO
there are a lot of reasons why Colorado would skip over Cujo... IMO more reasons then there are to select him in the waiver draft.

1) the guy might be making $8mill a year, but he's also got 3 years on his deal - so that's $8 mill a year for 2 seasons into the new CBA - which is something which every team is concerned about, even the Rangers.

2) he gets an extra year on his contract if he does well in the playoffs... he doesn't need to win the Cup, just win a few rounds, and another $8mill gets tacked on again into the new CBA.

3) any team that picks him up, picks up his no-trade clause as well... if he tanks, they're stuck with him and his salary and multiyear deal... he essentially has the right to veto any deal - which kills his value further.

4) goalie market... there is a very weak goalie market out there, and there are a few young goalies that could push the market even more... for example, say if Colorado picks up Cujo and his contract, and then Buffalo makes Biron available because of the development of Miller and Noronen... what happens then?? well Colorado has already invested tons of money on a player with a no-trade clause, where as another one who isn't any worse, and if so, marginally, while being younger and having more upside, and comes in at less than a quarter of the cost... it's just a bad business move right now to get tied down to such a contract in such a weak goaltending market.

other names that could surface include Dafoe, Burke, Khabibulin... hell even Turek... even Richter could prove to be healthy again and want one last crack at another Cup - and a one year deal for him makes more sense than a 3+ year deal for Cujo.

There are lots of reasons why Colorado should, and likely will, stay away from Cujo during the waiver draft, and why no other team will likely touch him... any success he has, just makes his contract worse, because it's another year at those $$ under a new and unpredictable CBA structure.

the second question - why would Detroit not worry about him going to the Avs??

well, it's not that there is zero worry... but the worry is insignifcant if the reward is losing that contract... he's a good goalie, but Detroit knows they have one better, and it's not like Cujo hasn't taken a huge load of the blame for their loss in the 1st round last year... Detroit wouldn't be giving up a superstar here... they would be moving a good veteran goalie, who's got question marks in his game and near the end of his career has yet to prove he can take a team to the Cup.... of course they'd rather that an Eastern team takes him... but in the end, they'd rather he's a starter on the Avs, then sitting in the press box, or playing on the farm making $8mill a year.

if I had to guess... I would say that Colorado is waiting to get their hands on Burke... he's a short term solution, which is what Colorado wants... his salary is reasonable, which could give them the flexibility to add something else at the deadline... considering the market, his trade value isn't that high.

I don't see the Avs waiting to see if Aebischer works out... this is more a media line and PR move IMO than any other strategy... even if he's playing great, do you go into the playoffs with someone of his experience, when you have a loaded roster, if the cost to upgrade experience there isn't that high?

the wait though IMO is to see how the season goes for the teams involved in the deal... it's unlikely that another team could surface looking for Burke as things stand now, and Phoenix stands a real chance of losing him for nothing to FA if they don't deal him... they could be in a non-playoff situation, increasing the need to move him, while the Avs could be doing fine with Aebisher, which decreases the trade value for Burke as the demand isn't as high because the Avs won't be in a pressure situation to acquire him.

Both these situations (for Phoenix being out of the playoffs, and the Avs doing fine during the season) is not only possible, but probable... so why give up Tanguay and/or Skoula now... or add $8mill to the payroll now.. when waiting till the deadline could only cost them a prospect and a pick for a starting goalie for a fraction of that payroll cost?

Thanks, you answered EXACTLY what i asked/confused about.

now i see why Avs probably wont be picking up cujo.. sounds pretty reasonable too. I almost forgot about Burke is still out there and only 1/2 of what cujo makes.

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