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Originally Posted by SilverSeven View Post
All of this is irrelevant to your point, which was that teams survive with only hundreds of fans.

Again, do they have to pay the lease on 10,000 seat stadiums? Im sure you can survive on hundreds of fans if you play in a much smaller stadium.
I had just previously said that the Rapidz average attendance in 2008 was hovering right around 3,000. That was good enough for 3rd overall in the Can-am league's attendance rates. There was only a few occaisions where the Attendance sliped under the 1,000 mark. Most of those occaisions were during exibition games, rainy days, or something like the Stanley Cup Final. You know full well that if it wasn't for Rob Hall, and the greediness of the Can-am League, we would still have a thriving Independent baseball team here.

Oh, and for the record, attendance wasn't the only way that the team was getting money. Aside from ticket sales there were Cantines and Merch stores left and right, as well as pricy add space (20,000 for the outfield wall, 60,000 for the part of the Stadium facing the 417.)

That is add space and merch stands that ballparks in the IBL like Cockshutt Park(seats 2,000) and Hastings Stadium(hardly any seating), do not have simply because they are too small. See? There are some perks to leasing a 10,000 world-class ballpark.

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