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03-09-2010, 01:37 PM
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If he was as good as the other players, I would be for using the younger one of them.

But this is very serious business, not some sort of kindergarten experience.

Playing for a spot at the World Championship U20 group A is NOT to be taken as warm up or some sort of education for a 16 year old. Absolutely not.

NO coach in the world should take that as lightly as to wanna take on some 16 year olds indstead of the 19 year olds just because, maybe then he will learn more. They need to be ready for the job.

Then what in two years? Then Sass shouldn't be there because some younger players need the spot to learn?

The philosophy you are posing is for senior teams. NOT for juniors. And especially not something as important as the World Championship. Nobody should want to be there without setting up the best possible team to win the promotion to meet Canada, Sweden, Russia, USA and so on next year.

And still: As the top issue: Sass is simply not good enough and not mature enough.

He wasn't even close.

He wasn't even in the "brutto squad" of some 35 players, so please stop being wiser than three national team coaches/leaders.

It's obvious that you are hung up on him just because you are rooting for his club. Like I said, there would be at least three other forwards (apart from Nicklas Jensen) who would be ahead of Jonas Sass to compete for a spot on this team IF there should be more players born in 93.

Your request not to refer to the boys personality without examples is simply ludacris.

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