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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
Rangerfan 10 - this is an indirect response to your post, I agree with some of what you are saying and I know its all part of the bigger picture - i totally understand its warranted and necessary - but do we really have to compare the Rangers to other teams in terms of mediocrity and success? I'm sick of it.

This team is an original six franchise in the biggest market of the world. They've been around longer and have more of a rich history than the the Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lighting (who, by the way have won more Cups combined than the Rangers have since their inception into the league).

Can we stop measuring the Rangers to every other mediocre franchise? Why can't fans demand excellence and expect it instead of the opposite? I think one of the biggest problems around here is that some fans (not saying you) accept the fact that for quite a long time (and a VERY long time before that) this team has been mired in mediocrity and in effect are devaluing what the franchise should really be, or could be. We have been forced to get excited over barely making the playoffs for 3 straight years. Its like we have been brainwashed into accepting mediocre/lackluster play and pay top dollar to watch it.

I'm not happy about that. I'm not happy with the lack of success and I don't really care how the Rangers stack up against the other 29 teams. Just because a half dozen or so teams have been the role model in building successful and competitive teams year in year out doesnt make ok for me, that the Rangers are just one of the other teams and deal with it.

Is it too much to ask for a winning pedigree? Unfortunately this is a business and success is measured by $$$ and not wins and championships. That is a half-assed and sour franchise if thats the case. It all starts at the top with the ownership. That is the root of the problem. Fans shell out tons of money and spend hours of their time supporting this team, i think its totally justified to want more, a lot more - and if that means having an opinion about doing it a certain way (selling, tanking) then so be it. Something has to shake this team up.
We all obviously want a winning pedigree, but at some point you have to wonder if the expectations are crazy.

I know there's a lot of pride involved in being an original 6, but it's not as if Chicago, Toronto, or Boston have had a lot of success in quite some time. And IMO all of the original 6 teams other than Detroit has been average at best post-lockout.

If you're going to say the Rangers are mediocore, then you're obviously comparing them to the success of other teams. You can't say something's mediocore if everything else is pretty much the same quality.

Everyone WANTS us to be amongst the Detroit and Pittsburgh's of the league, but whining about how we're mediocore to the point where I don't even know why some people call themselves fans is ridiculious.

And for the record, it's one thing to want a team to sell, it's a completely different thing to want a team to lose on purpose or root for them to lose for a higher draft pick.

You let the chips fall where they may with the draft, because maybe the odds are better at the top, but in general the draft is a crapchute.

I will NEVER root for this team to lose, and IMO anyone that does is not a true fan. I might want them to sell the entire team, trade away everyone, play 18 rookies a game, whatever. But I'd still root for them to win, and want them to win. I hate watching the Rangers lose. It ruins my night. I can't understand how some are happy when they lose because they MAY have a shot at an impact player.

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